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RFC #13 Pax Unplugged 1 of 5

November 25, 2017

Hi folks,

In this first podcast from Pax Unplugged 2017, I spent some time walking around the convention and talking with game designers that caught my attention. One of the many goals of our podcast is to expose the games that bring us so much happiness, or in this case will be in the near future. As this is my first such walk around, please forgive the sound issues. I was pleased with how well the interviews stood out against the loud background of people at the convention. I was not pleased with the pops and sometimes unevenness in the sound. Despite that, I feel these interviews are worth your attention and I hope they will bring you a little bit of the flavor of the con.

In the next episode, Josue, Brian and myself are together live for the first time. We will be discussing a bit about Pax Unplugged and then we will get into talk about smack talk, and meta gaming. Stay tuned. 

Write us at, tweet us by using @geektherapy and use the hashtag #RFC. 

We are still working on fleshing out our show notes in the BGG Rolling For Change Guild, but we will be coming along.

Until next time, 

Plance those meeples and keep on rolling for change.

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