RFC #14 Smacktalk and Metagaming

December 4, 2017

This is our second episode from Pax unplugged and this one is about smacktalking and metagaming. This one was a lot of fun to work on and I think you guys will enjoy the ride as well. We also talk about Twilight Imperium a lot, so be prepared for that.

We have more episodes coming up for you soon, including our live podcast at Pax Unplugged. 

We are always looking for feedback, and ideas about the show. Particularly we want to know what topics you would like for us to discuss. We are also looking for people with gaming stories and interviewees- so please reach out to us. You can do this by mailing gamers@rollingforchange.com 

Thanks for listening, keep on Rolling for Change.


RFC #13 Pax Unplugged 1 of 5

November 25, 2017

Hi folks,

In this first podcast from Pax Unplugged 2017, I spent some time walking around the convention and talking with game designers that caught my attention. One of the many goals of our podcast is to expose the games that bring us so much happiness, or in this case will be in the near future. As this is my first such walk around, please forgive the sound issues. I was pleased with how well the interviews stood out against the loud background of people at the convention. I was not pleased with the pops and sometimes unevenness in the sound. Despite that, I feel these interviews are worth your attention and I hope they will bring you a little bit of the flavor of the con.

In the next episode, Josue, Brian and myself are together live for the first time. We will be discussing a bit about Pax Unplugged and then we will get into talk about smack talk, and meta gaming. Stay tuned. 

Write us at gamers@rollingforchange.com, tweet us by using @geektherapy and use the hashtag #RFC. 

We are still working on fleshing out our show notes in the BGG Rolling For Change Guild, but we will be coming along.

Until next time, 

Plance those meeples and keep on rolling for change.


RFC 12 A Short discussion with Woody

November 15, 2017

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I flew solo this episode. So things are a little shorter than the usual show, but I wanted to develop some consistency in the podcasting so I went on anyway. In this episode I discuss a couple of games and a couple of newsworthy topics. I bumble my way through a little, but the information may be worth while to you and I will provide show notes as soon as possible so that you can check out the items I am discussing. 

Don't forget to stop by and see us at Pax Unplugged. Its a panel, but if you want to come by and say hello we would love to meet you. If you want to spend some time with us in a game, just write us gamers@rollingforchange.com

Until next time, you know where your dice are, so keep on rolling for change!


RFC 11- Gaming as Self Care

November 14, 2017

Hi Folks,

Rolling for Change is getting ready for a panel at Pax Unplugged. We will be presenting on Sunday at 10 AM. Please let us know if you will be at Pax as we would love to chat with you. 

While you are waiting, we will be putting out 2 podcasts. This first one is from Brian and I. Here we discuss Games as tools for self care. 

With any luck, we will have another episode for you tomorrow. Enjoy and please let us know how we are doing. Send correspondence to gamers@rollingforchange.com


Dreamchasing with Peter Petrusha

September 20, 2017


That was a long time between episodes. Nevertheless, we have a new episode for you finally. This time around we are talking to Peter Petrusha, the maker of the Dreamchaser RPG. I think you guys are going to really enjoy the potential that this game offers. We also discuss Shoptalk, a therapuetic game for helping kids who are dealing with cancer. 

Thanks for listening,




Interview with Autumn Hahn

May 8, 2017

Hi guys,

I know, I know, its been years since we last uploaded a new show. I apologize but I feel as if this one was worth the wait. We have an interview here with fellow gamer and therapist Autumn Hahn. I found Autumn on the BGG group talking about therapy and board games. That was all I needed to know that I wanted to know more about her and her practice. In this episode we discuss the role of gaming in therapy, trauma interventions, and Autumn's board game designs. I think you will enjoy the show, and we all appreciate your taking time out to listen to us.


A Discussion with Ward Batty

April 1, 2017

Finally, another episode of Rolling for Change emerges from it's coccoon. Before I tell you about the episode, please stop what you are doing and go to this link:


This is a short survey about the Geek Therapy Network and Rolling for Change.

Now, this episode is an interview with Ward Batty. Ward is the creator of 3 great Atlanta conventions that provide our little community here in Georgia with an epic level of gaming. He is here with us today to talk about his interest in games, the world of conventioning, and the community that we as gamers exist within. I am excited to host this interview and I hope you will all enjoy it as well.

Thanks for listening, keep on rolling,

Woody, Brian and Josue


Ep 7. Mageling

February 11, 2017

Our newest episode of Rolling for Change features an interview with Joseph Butler, creator of the game Mageling- now up on Kickstarter at Mageling. We discuss a recent game convention, and go for a deeper dive into the lived experience of our wonderful board gaming hobby.

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Getting Rolling for Change up and running has been amazing and we really appreciate your feedback and interest. If you like our show, please recommend it to others. If you have suggestions we would love to hear them. The mision objective for our podcast is still being developed, but we would like to think that we are exposing players to the transformative nature of our hobby. Change can come from the therapy session, the classroom, business meetings, and yes even at your own game gathering. We hope to continually explore the depths of our hobby and inspire others to engage in this cardboard universe.

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Ep. 6: Oppression in Boardgaming

January 30, 2017

Hello there friends,

This is episode 6 of Rolling for Change. This time around we bring on a good friend, David Skoog, to help us explore and discuss the role of boardgames in defining as well as proliferating oppression. We particularly discuss this in relation to culture and racist ideologies. The result is a rather deep dive that takes us on a far reaching journey. We hope you will enjoy this episode.

Don't forget, contact us at gamers@rollingforchange.com and our twitter feed @rollforchange

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Please complete our gamer survey

December 6, 2016

Hey guys,

Part of the work I want to do with Rolling for Change is to catalog gaming experiences. There is a survey that I have created that explores our relationships with games. It is the first such survey I have created so it is a little clunky, but the intent is to collect gaming experiences. If you choose to participate and you provide good data, you will be entered to win a gift card from Cool Stuff Inc so you can go and get more gaming experiences. The survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NZBPMDW


Also, while I have your attention. I just listened to a fantastic episode of a podcast called Nights at the game table. The guys did a fantasti job on developing an episode about the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund. It will pull at your heart strings and you will be able to belileve that we as a community can do anything. Please go listen and support this podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/65262/443487-episode-2-jack

More episodes are coming so stay tuned. Thanks for listening. Please don't forget to contact us at gamers@rollingforchange.com and follow us on twitter @rollforchange