Rolling For Change

RFC #15 Pax Unplugged Live

March 13, 2018

Back in November Brian, Josue and myself were able to present at the inaugural Pax Unplugged. We went to talk about the podcast and our vision for developing awareness of the way gaming is impacting us. We did not expect to have such an amazing audience or to discover stories of how games have impacted others. I believe what we are offering here in this episode is very special because the people that spoke to us from the audience were just amazing people, presenting their stories and allowing themselves to be vulnerable with us. I called it a church service because it really started to feel as if they were all coming to the pulpit to testify. It was a truly amazing experience for each of us and I am very happy to present it to you here.

We have had some hiccups, but we are still dedicated to getting this information out and to keeping the podcast running. We will have another one for you very soon.

Keep on Rolling for Change!

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